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Tribal Shoulder Tattoos - How Such Remarkable Designs, Helps Relieve Grief And Stress

"You're an absolute fool if you get them!" Yep, if I even contemplated any type of Tribal Shoulder Tattoos, outbursts like that were just an itty-bitty smidgen of the wrath that was inflicted upon me, from the old-fashion elders of my family. The scourge which I had to endure withments like - "You'll shame our family." "What will the neighbours think?" "You'll never get a 'real' job."...and on and on and on.
Was All This Grief Warranted?
Good Lord! You can't be serious?! All of this just to express myself, in what I really thought was in a tasteful artful way? Plus that fact, myself wishing to pay reverence to certain tribal cultures, by having such gorgeous Polynesian tattoo designs on my body? And this is the torment I get?
Heck, I could understand if I wanted to place multiple metal skewers through my nose, and/or have a full-on facial tattoo with a snake or lizard-skin type pattern. (No offense to those people who have those of course)...but c'mon now.
Boy oh boy..., by getting shoulder tattoos which had meaning, beauty and substance, is really such a bad thing? Apparently so, from what my relatives were huffing and puffing. And here's the kicker, my grandfather, who was one of the more vocal protesters about me getting a shoulder tattoo, already had some ugly faded, bluey-green ink splotches on his forearms, exposed for all to see....yet that was 'acceptable'.
Just A Little Hypocrisy Perhaps?
In a very feeble attempt, he tried to explain to me, that those were 'different'. (yeah, yeah, yeah..). Since everybody got them back in the war, and it was like a rite of passage for young soldiers to move up a notch among the ranks of the infantrymunity.
So then I rebutted by saying, that if he only knew, that these Tribal Shoulder Tattoos basically had the same purpose in their respective heritages! These were far more than some funky looking skull, anchor, or pin-up girl. He then clammed up, as he sensed I had a valid point.
Ink With Substance
This alluring art-form was a very significant facet of tribal ceremonies and rituals. It was a symbol where boys evolved into men, novice warriors became veteran leaders, and where certain members' tribal tatoos, were distinguished by the tribe-persons' role and position in themunity. This tribal tattoo art was not to be taken lightly, and it certainly played a very notable part, on how the tribes and itsponents were measured and defined.
It was quiteical after explaining this to my grandfather, and how my brief but insightful tribal history lesson, made its way around the family rumour-mill, where temperaments seemed to have changed for the better. Evidently ol' grandpa had influenced the rest of them in some mysterious, yet fortuitous way.
A Change Of Heart With An 'Aha Moment!'
Afterward the icing on the cake was, after showing the seemingly jaded family members a few of the intricate Polynesian tattoo designs I had in mind, their facial expressions seemed to change from indifference and disinterest, to curiosity and intrigue. Aha! I think I finally made their light-bulbs go off! At first they didn't want to admit it, but it was difficult for them to turn their heads away from these eye-catching tattoo patterns I showed them.
If I knew that all it took, was to actually show these striking shoulder tatoos, rather than just telling them about it, maybe it could have saved a lot of headaches and anti-tattooments at the dinner table and family gatherings. I always kick myself when I experience hindsight. Man I hate that!
Not Your Typical Tattoo
Here's the irony to all of this.., is that I really had my mind and heart, so staunchly set with not only getting a couple of tribal shoulder tattoos, perhaps a Maori tattoo design as well, given the choices are so abundant, but ol' grandpa was even knee-deep in the selection process. Go figure eh?
These incredibly distinctive designs, are so much more than your standard dragon or tiger tattoo with pretty bright colours, as an example. They can tell a story and express a dialogue and language in of itself. Not only the more ornate shoulder tattoos, but even the basic patterns we can acquire from a reputable tribal tattoo gallery, can really invoke a spirit of interest and enthusiasm.
Furthermore, they also can allow a person to build upon the original design and simply add more to the story. Heck, if you've got enough bare skin, you could have an entire lifetime of accounts and expressions inked in this fashion. You could be a walking picture-book if you so choose - motif style!
Body Art Which Has A Message
That's what I truly appreciate about this alluring historical art form. It stands out from traditional tattoo designs, it allows to express oneself like no other. You can refine and amplify it, yet smoothly blend one tattoo into the other without notice. There are numerous designs to conicide with your personality and own life story, and they have essence with a message.
Fast-forward to the present, where not only am I able to expose my shoulders at family affairs, without receiving any flack from the seniors of the clan, but in fact, I'm actually asked where I found these fascinating designs, and howe they weren't around when they were growing up? Oh, if they only knew...
There's this lil' golden nugget which exists, that will truly help alleviate the tedious and painstaking process for hunting down those elusive tribal shoulder tattoos.

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