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A Parents Guide to Teens Sexting

A Parents Guide to Teens Sexting

Teens sexting is a problem that has exploded along with the rise in the number of children who have their own cell phones. It is a term that refers to preteens, tweens and teenagers sharing nude photos and pictures of themselves via emails, cell phones or the Internet. It is of course illegal, and unfortunately doing this type of activity could land children in serious trouble with the law. If the child is old enough, this could ultimately include jail time. If it involves an older child and a younger child, it might cause a stigma of being a child molester than can continue well into adulthood. The main problem that results from this type of dangerous activity is the mental damage that young people can suffer from. Preteens, teens and adults might seriously need to think about the consequences of their actions before they do something like this that could potentially be classified as sexting. Sending and receiving nude pictures of children of course is against the law, whether intentions are bad or not. Even if the perpetrator is a minor, the law still includes them. Teens sexting is regarded as being child pornography and it is one of the biggest problems today that the Internet and cell phones have brought to us. Unfortunately, despite all of the warnings that continue to come in about the dangers of teens sexting, children dont seem to be hearing all of those warnings. Is it the need to be popular that children feel that drives them to shut out all of the warnings? Is it peer pressure? Maybe it is both. Parents are challenged to try to prevent this type of activity and keep their children from getting involved because it only takes one little mis step for their child to land in jail and to be branded as a child molester or a sex offender. A 16 year old girl who sends her nude photo to her 17 year old boyfriend can legally be charged with child pornography. Two life long friends who are guys post pictures of their nude ex girlfriends up on some website somewhere and again are charged with child pornography. It happens more often than it should, and one of the main reasons is because children and parents just do not understand the severity of the situation, and teens sexting is just the beginning of a huge problem that is plaguing children.
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