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Phone Sex for Two

By mousey - Feb 6, 2006 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 4180 "Hey, " Dustin said, "do you want to...""Want to what Dustin?" giggled Toni but she knew exactly what Dustin wanted. He wanted to have phone sex of course. He had just moved across town and switched schools, they barely got to see each other and this was a new way that they could be together in the spirit of it all. She lowered her voice into a husky, raspy, sexy voice and said, "hello Stud, have you been a good boy this year?"
She could hear Dustin undoing his pants. As she heard the zipper un-do she imagined his average sized 6-inch cock springing free. She loved the way it just swayed when he let it free, especially when it was inside of her. Thinking of it made her wet. She was lost in a dream when she heard Dustin reply, "the question isn't whether or not I've been good, but have you little girl?"
"Toni, get off the phone." interrupted her mother.
"Dustin, sorry, we'll have to finish this sometime later, I wish you were here, it's so lonely on these cold nights." Toni heard him sigh. "Damn it, I guess I'll have to settle with some of those naughty letters you sent me, love you."
"I love you too, bye" said Toni as she hung up the phone. She had been waiting so long to release her sexual tension and built up frustration. No one could get her off like Dustin. She settled into bed and looked through the window at the moon. She sighed and as she slowly slpped to sleep whispered, "Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, wish I may, wish I might just have Dustin here tonight." Toni lay sleeping but was startled by a knocking sound at her window. She looked at the clock: 2:03am. She ran over to the window and saw a shivering Dustin standing there. She opened the window and a gust of cold air entered her room, sweeping past her nightie, making her nipples hard instantly. "Dustin what the hell are you doing here?"
"Shhh!" he said, "Come on, get your coat, let's go, we don't have much time to waste, the car is barely running..." Without a word, Toni grabbed her coat, put on some shoes but as she backed out of the window she almost fell. Dustin grabbed her, letting his cold hand drag along her thigh. Her warmth against his cold skin was turning him on. She was finally out of the window and the two of them ran towards Dustin's car.
They giggled as they finally got to the car. Dustin took Toni in his arms, and kissed her. Slowly and softly, he let his tongue swirl with hers. A gust of wind blew her hair into his face and he had forgotten how good she felt and smelt. It felt so good to hold her in his arms, he broke the kiss and opened the door. Kissed her one more time and went to the other side. Both were smiling as he put the key into the car's ignition. He tried a few times, unsuccessfully. "Come on damn it, come on, start." After several minutes he gave up. "Shit Toni, what are we gonna do?"
"Well, " she said with a grin on her face, "it is mighty cold and we are here with each other, we could do something to keep warm and have some fun." Dustin's grin got huge as he knew what she was talking about. They moved to the back seat and kissed passionately.
Toni started undoing her nightie and Dustin pulled it off of her shoulders revealing her 34B breasts. Her soft brown nipples became hard as he put his cold fingers around them, tweaking and twisting them. Toni let out a soft moan as she drew him closer, nibbling on is ear. She started undoing his jacket, kissing him all the while. He got her nightie off and stopped in amazement. He had forgotten how beautiful she was. He loved every inch of her body and had missed the way it felt next to his. He let his eyes devour every inch, from the top of her head to the bottoms of her feet.
He smiled and started undoing his pants, revealing a good sized hard on. She whispered in that same husky voice, "Let me take care of that big boy." All Dustin could do was nod. She pushed him back against the window and kissed him. Working down from his neck to his chest, she layed soft kisses here and there, making them longer and slower as she moved down. She got to his belly button and let out a giggle as she approached the promised land. His dick was in front of her face. She let out a husky breath, letting the hotness surround his hard member.
He moaned softly as he waited in anticipation. She put her warm mouth around the head of his dick, swirling her tongue around. At the same time she brought her cold hands up and wrapped them around his shaft. Moving them up and down while shoveling as much as she could into her mouth. She massaged his balls. Dustin was in heaven, he moaned and grunted. As he got nearer, he started moaning her name and put his hands on her back, sliding them up and down, tracing her figure. "Oh god Toni, I'm going to cum." Just as he said that, she stopped.
"Oh baby, now is not the time to tease me, please baby." Toni loved it when she made Dustin beg. "Not just yet baby, please me, then we can cum together." With that, Dustin got to work. He slid his fingers up and down her body, kissing her everywhere. He nibbled on her neck, and moved towards her boobs. Taking one nipple in his mouth he bit it softly, then a little harder. He straddled her and felt her squirm underneath the weight of his body. He pinched the other breast and then switched sides. He rolled her nipple in his mouth over and over and Toni reached for her dripping wet cunt. He slapped her hand and said no, reminding her that that was his job. He now focused his attention on her little twat.
Dustin spread her lips and slipped one finger inside her gooey slit. He felt the hood of her clit and rubbed it over and over again. Moving in a circular motion he knew how much Toni was enjoying it. He saw the look of want and desire in her face and knew she couldn't take it much longer. He loved the effect he had on her. He spread her pussy lips and backed up. His hard cock was throbbing and started flying towards her. The plane of his dick hit its target and he plunged into her cunt, following the strip she had left as direction. He plunged in again and again. Toni wrapped her legs around his waist, driving his cock in deeper and deeper. She started bucking, her titties bouncing and tried so hard not to scream. She just whispered "oh yes yes yes" into his ear as she pulled him closer. "Oh baby I'm gonna cum."
She kissed him one more time and he exploded with a final plunge. His hot sticky cum shot into her little pussy, it hit her g spot and her cunt exploded into an amazing orgasm. She bucked her hips, wanting to get more and more of him in her. Finally their orgasms subsided and they smiled. They held each other in the cold winter, their car now foggy from their love making. Daylight was breaking and they had fallen asleep when they were awoken by the car starting. Their love making was so hot that it had made the car hot enough to start. Dustin nudged Toni and she put her nightie back on and waddled away, her knees barely able to adjust to the ground.
He called to her, "so I'll "call" you tomorrow, I had a wonderful time "talking". Toni looked back and to show him that she wanted to do this again some time, flashed him. He pulled out of the drive way and headed home, knowing that this was the best compensation for a broken down car.

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