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Jodie Marsh Article

Sam And Ginny Forever

Sam and Ginny Forever

By BobJJ123 - Oct 30, 2009 - From longstories. Longer erotic stories - Views - 10454 Around the university the city was for the most part asleep but no city ever sleeps in it's entirety and Sam Rankin was one of those that was stirring at 04:30 hours. Sam was already started on his morning routine; up at 04:00 hours, brisk run in the park adjacent to where he lived in a small studio apartment; a quick shower, breakfast on the run and at work at the restaurant at 05:15 hours. It was simply the way every day the day began as Sam struggled to maintain a full load of classes at the university. Her ran briskly as he returned towards his apartment after his morning run.
Meanwhile, in the park, another creature was stirring. Ginny Macken, still quite intoxicated, slowly regained her senses. She was quickly aware of the cold when she realized that she had no clothes on as she lay in the grass of the park. She was alone and her mind functioned slowly as she began to perceive her condition and her clothes laying helter-skelter about her. She staggered, then crawled to her panties that lay a few feet away and struggled to put them on. Then, the bra. . .
It was when she had clothed herself in her skirt and blouse and sat contemplating the two hopelessly damaged hose and a single shoe that she felt the body fluids drain from her and verified what she had suspicioned had happened to her.
She had gone to the fraternity picnic with her friend, Glenda, and Glenda had left her alone at the party almost immediately. she'd had two, maybe three beers at most - Ginny was always very careful to limit her drinking to that which she could safely handle. The party had seemed to go well as she remembered the Frat boys serving her food and drink and playing up to her as she teased them as always.
Then, her mind began to blur. She had only vague notions and brief glimpses of what had happened after that. She recalled Brad Willingly embracing her on the ground and kissing her - or was it someone else kissing her! As she sat, trying to recall the events of the evening she had a flash of a man over her, fucking her there in the grass.
It was at the same time as the thought of the man doing her that she saw the headlight of Sam Rankin approaching briskly and panicked as she tried to decide what to do - ruin and hide or hail him down for help. The elevated tension she felt as she saw Sam approaching took over her entire being. She puked, as a loud, animal sound came from her and she spilled her guts. At the same time, her intoxication from the previous night was still with her and she lay senseless next to her smelly regurgitation.
It was at this point that Sam saw the helpless girl, lying on the grass next to the train. The odor around her and her disheveled condition made her situation obvious. Still, he couldn't leave her defenseless in the park. He simply picked her up and took the partially coherent girl, mumbling and talking gibberish, to his apartment.
Then, once there, he removed her blouse and skirt and placed her in the shower under tepid water. An examination of her clothing filled with grass and twigs told him that she'd recently dressed in the open space. "Dumb broad!" he thought as he heard more mumblings from the shower.
Sam had obligations which had to be met as he continued his morning preparations to meet the day and the girl languished under the shower. It was as he was preparing to depart that the girl emerged from the bathroom wearing Sam's robe and screamed, "You bastard. You raped me, " and continued to repeat the accusations as Sam tried to respond. The girls eyes were filled with tears and her hatred was easily discernable in her eyes.
Sam, annoyed at the interference with his morning responsibilities, responded quickly, "You dumb broad. I found you drunk out of your mind in the park and thought to keep you safe and secure until you were able to make it on your own. I'm due at my job now but I want you out of here when I return."
Three hours later, Sam returned to his apartment upset because He'd forgotten that it was Sunday and there were no classes. His agitation was enhanced when he walked into his apartment and saw the girl still there; now dressed in freshly washed and ironed clothing, he noted that she was a very pretty girl. Long dark hair surrounded a feminine face with creamy complection and blue eyes sat on top of a lean frame and her breasts were small. If one discounted the red eyes and dark circles under them, she was a beautiful girl.
Beautiful or not, Sam was upset, "I thought I told you to get the hell out." The girl answered, "I'll be going now but I couldn't leave without apologizing for my behavior this morning. I should have known that you weren't involved with last night." Then, as she started to leave, Sam noted a slump in her shoulders and a reluctance to move on and he felt his anger abate.
"Have some breakfast before you go." Sam said and was rewarded with a weak smile. "My name's Ginny Macken, " she said. Then, as Sam prepared a breakfast with lots of black coffee, Ginny told her story, as well as she could remember, of the previous evening. It was not a pretty story that she told and Sam was soon in sympathy with her plight.
Over breakfast, she explained that the guys who had probably done it to her were members of her sorority's brother frat and they were very close to her sorority sisters. She no longer wanted to be associated with them and needed to look for new quarters.
Sam seemed to understand her plight as Ginny continued to worry and fret about her future. From their discussions, an arrangement was decided upon to get Ginny reestablished away from the sorority. She would go to the sorority house and pack her things this very day. Ir being Sunday, most of the girls would be out an d she could work with as little explanation as possible. At exactly 15:00 hours, a taxi would pull up in front of the house and load all her possessions; then, return her to Sam's apartment.
In the mean time, Sam would set up the other twin bed that he had stored since He'd had no use for it. He would equip the other bed with his other change of sheets and she could sleep there. It wasn't a perfect arrangement but they could change in the bathroom or closet.
Even as he worked, Sam felt a growing concern felt a growing concern. He hardly knew the girl! She could be a source for all sorts of distress. He be gan to question his offer.
It was 15:25 hours when the taxi bearing Ginny and her possessions pulled up in front of the apartment where Sam waited nervously. Swiftly, Ginny paid the taxi driver and commenced moving her belongings into the apartment. There, she surveyed the changes and remarked that it was just fine. She seemed to know that the bed next to the bathroom was hers and she quickly mov ed her things into the waiting, vacant drawers in the closet. Only once did she ask Sam for assistance and that was to lift her big suitcase up to the storage loft in the closet.
Then, having com completed her task, she flopped down on her bed and turned to Sam on the other bed. "Sam. I want to thank you again for all this. Youfve been wonderful." Then, they began to make immediate plans.
First, Ginny offered to take Sam to dinner at the local Italian eatery in exchange for all his help. . . an offer Sam accepted even as he wondered where she'd get the money.
Then, tomorrow, Ginny would look for new quarters as soon as her classes were over.
At 18:00 hours, Ginny had changed her clothing and now wore a fashionable Levi denim trouser with a western style blouse and a red bandanna tied at the neck. She was not only fashionable but sexy as hell, dressed as she was. Her careful attention to grooming and dressing had, indeed, made her beautiful.
As they left the apartment, Sam was somewhat awed by his escorting such a knockout beauty to dinner. He'd had little dealing with women during his time at the university and those he did consort with were hardly in the same league with Ginny. Of course, Sam had no real expectations of a relationship with her - she was out of his league. Perhaps a free meal was better than nothing, he thought.
Then, at the restaurant, all the male eyes immediately focused on the newly arrived Ginny as Sam walked proudly behind her to a booth near the back of the room. As they walked, Ginny seemed strangely uninterested in the attention she was getting from the men and instead, she seemed to be making an effort to insure they were perceived as a couple. He began to feel more confident and proud
Dinner was well prepared and tasty and the service in the restaurant was impeccable as Sam and Ginny dined together. They talked easily now as Ginny plied Sam with wine. Their conversation became more personal and soon they were discussing their lives. Sam explained that he was working his way through the university and had no money to spend on fun or luxury as he felt a growing awareness of the sexual attraction of the woman next to him.
Then Ginny told of coming from a wealth family where her parents hadnft really wanted children to interfere with their busy lives. Her birth had been the result of their carelessness as they had succumbed to a night of uninhibited sexual intercourse and she had been a liability from the very first. They had cared for her well. . . she had every luxury and governesses to see to her every need. When she had left for the university, it had been a relief to her parents and they had provided her with a very generous expense account to keep her in school.
As she talked, the events of the previous night remained vivid in her mind and though they held strong sway in her thinking, she said nothing of them. Like with so much of her life, she was unsure why she continued to remain mum; perhaps it was her shame for allowing it to happen or perhaps she was afraid of the consequences of any further discussion but her thoughts remained hers. Ginny had been no virgin at the time of the rape and she had been taken willingly by several other guys as a reward for their having provided her with food, wine, dancing, etc. This she did not mention either.
It was after dessert and an hour of such talk that Sam felt it again - his lust came over him strong and powerful as he was attracted to Ginny. He was affected as never before - his cock began to rise to the occasion! He felt the growing compulsion to have her. . .
Had he known what was in Ginny's mind, He'd have moved differently! Ginny was also feeling very, very intimate with Sam. Sam had come into her life only less than a day before; yet, he brought something she'd never known before. He had taken her in and cared for her and showed real concern for her which was a new experience. He'd asked for nothing in return! The bond that had formed between herself and Sam was strong yet there was this matter of the previous night and her past that complicated any consideration of a relationship!
As they returned to their apartment Sam was embarrassed by the large lump in his trousers where his erection stood out proudly. With all his attempts, he had failed to hide the obvious as he was pretty sure that Ginny had seen it.
Ginny had seen it and carefully gave no sign of her discovery to avoid embarrassment for Sam or herself. Suddenly she felt a sense of pride rise out of the chaos in her mind as she realized it was she who had caused it! She had brought this condition on the very man who knew more of her situation and her shame than any person alive .
As they entered the apartment, Ginny decided that Sam was a rare man who now knew her better than anyone ever had before and still wanted her as a woman. The only question now was it just a matter of lust and sex or did he want her totally, her mind and her heart and her very soul. Her mood darkened as she realized that other option.
Once inside the apartment, each went about their separate ways as they prepared for the evening. Ginny felt herself relax a bit from the tensions of the past day and a chance look into the mirror told her how grim she really looked. She tried to force a smile! It looked forced.
Sam had returned to the apartment feeling a strong attachment to the girl/woman he'd known for less than a day. He had experienced very few friends in his life. . . now there were none until this night when he sensed Ginny might be a friend. He knew by now that she was a very complicated person and carried a host of personal problems . . . problems He'd do better to avoid! Then there was the matter of her rape just last night and the emotional trauma that must surely remain inside her from that event. Then, he thought, "It doesnft matter as she'll be gone tomorrow and it won't matter."
It was nearly 22:00 hours when they decided to retire for the night and the process went off smoothly as they undressed in the privacy of the bathroom and they were in bed prepared to sleep.
Sleep didn't come easily to either of them as they pondered ther recent events. Sam enjoyed a nice erection under the covers and went to sleep with his hand lightly caressing his aroused penis. . . The woman in the bed a scant three feet away, the cause of his erection was unaware this time as Sam let his erotic thoughtsof her range freely.
Ginny lay considering her current situation and seeking a solution. Her mind considered finding new living quarters, transportation, class schedules, etc., in minute detail but she had disciplined her thinking to restrain any consideration of her rape in her thinking. It was like it had never happened. . . but it did!
It was sometime after midnight when Ginny's mind, unencumbered by the rigid discipline when she was awake, brought up vivid memories of the degrading acts of the previous night in a nightmare. . .She screamed, "NNNooooo. . .! Stop that! You can't do that to me. . ..!" as the memories flooded over her. She flailed and tossed the covers in a frenzy and began to cry and sob.
As Sam awoke from the sound of her cries, he moved to comfort her and as he reached for her, Ginny, half dreaming and half awake, perceived him as one of the rapists. She struck out at him with her fist and screamed, "Get away from me!"
Then, as Ginny became fully awake and free of her nightmare embraced Sam and held him as she cried on his shoulder. She spoke freely of the rape now and of her shame and degradation as she continued to sob and shake as she leaned heavily on Sam.
Gradually, as Ginny's calm returned Sam moved from her embrace and pulled the covers up over her to tucked her in. Then, as he was about to return to his own bed, Ginny asked, "Sleep with me tonight. I'm scared."
Sam, seeking to comfort Ginny, raised the covers and moved next to her in the bed. There he lay spooned against the troubled girl to offer his comfort. . .his arousal and erection had long since dissipated. Twice more that night, Ginny had episodes of nightmares, though none were as dramatic as the first, and Sam was there to comfort her.
At 0400 hours Sam arose and commenced his day. As he started his morning run, he was in afoul mood as lamented on his loss of sleep. Then, as he got into his run, his mood cleared and when he returned, he found Ginny had arisen, made breakfast and awaited his return. "couldn't sleep, " was her only comment and when Sam left for his morning job, she would return to bed.
That Monday evening, as Ginny returned to the apartment she reported that the dormitories were full and that the apartment rentals she'd found were unsuitable so she would be moving to a hotel until she could find something. As she prepared to leave the apartment, she suggested that she buy dinner again and Sam replied that He'd just prepared dinner and that there was plenty for two.
As Sam made his offer, he realized that He'd planned for her to stay. He wanted her to stay and be his room mate . . . but of course, she'd never accept that, he thought. Perhaps over dinner he could . . . he could try!
Ginny was quick to accept the dinner invitation and made a great dinner companion but Sam couldn't seem to find a way to invite her to stay without insulting or hurting her. He sat making small talk and hurting. Then, as they cleared the table and washed the dishes, he sought an opening to ask her to stay but it never came.
It was as Ginny was assembling her belongings that Sam finally blurted out, "I want you to stay. We can live together just like we have. . .you know, no sex or anything like that" Then, having said it, he was sure He'd blown any chance of success.
As he stood mute, waiting for her rebuke, Sam's confidence faltered. It was when Ginny turned to him and said, "You know me. I'm pretty thoroughly screwed up but if you can stand me, I'd like that."
"Sam replied, "I think I can stand you."
Suddenly, Ginny broke into a smile; her first real big smile since that night. "Friends, " she said and Sam replied, "Friends."
The rest of the evening was spent working out the details of their living arrangement. They would live like brother and sister. They would share the household chores and Ginny insisted that she would pay for rent, utilities and food with some of the generous monthly allowance she received from her parents.. Sam could quit his morning job and pick up a full load of studies at the university.
So they began their new living arrangement. The two shared responsibilities and worked well together and their lives grew comfortably simple as they formed their life around their apartment. It might have been an idyllic existence for Sam except for one nagging situation. He had only to think of Ginny, or see her and his mind and body became aroused.
During the day, Sam maintained rigid discipline that kept his thoughts diverted and he was able to function as always. It was in bed, at night, with her sleeping barely three feet away, that his control faltered and his dreams became lurid, erotic dreams of making wild love to Ginny.
As the weeks passed, the two grew closer in many ways and their friendship flowered even as Sam suppressed his urges. In many ways they began to resemble a man and wife as they learned to live efficiently together.
It was also as those weeks passed that Sam found himself losing the control that had kept his relationship with Ginny viable. Self discipline began to require more and more of his tho9ughts and his studies suffered. At night, he had always slept soundly but now he found himself frequently awake and trying to fend off those thoughts that would surely ruin he and Ginny's arrangement.
Finally, it was useless to pretend to himself and to try to make their arrangement work. It was 01:30 hours and Sam had just awakened from one of his more erotic encounters with his roommate as he sat on his bed and turned on the night light. He had fought the good fight but his mind told him clearly now, the living arrangement would not work!
It was as he was reaching that decision that Ginny began to stir and was awakened by the light in the room. She turned. Then, she saw Sam sitting with his back to her and she was concerned. "Sam Is everything all right?" she asked.
Sam turned to face her and said simply, "We've gotta talk. Our arrangement isn't working. . . not for me at least!" Ginny, on hearing this suddenly grew concerned as she asked why and Sam replied, "Youfre a beautiful lady and a desirable woman. . .I want you! I crave you! I need you! . . . all of you, heart, mind soul and body! And I can no longer control that when youfre sleeping only three feet away." Bad as the thought of ending their relationship seemed, he was relieved at having spoken.
Ginny listened and after a moment, quietly responded, "I didnft know, " as tears began to well up in her eyes. Then, she lay back into her bed and rolled away from Sam. The conversation was over.
As Ginny recovered from the disclosure she had just heard she thought about it her situation. He wanted her. He needed her. He wanted all of her and not just her body. Nobody had ever offered that before.
Sam, on the other hand, lay back down relieved and immediately fell into a deep sleep unencumbered by dreams. His mind was at rest and he would deal with the trauma of her leaving later.
It was some time later when Sam felt the covers lifted from his sleeping form and her warm body slip under them as she moved to spoon with his now wide awake person. At first, he did not move, afraid he might be dreaming again; then, he snuggled back against her. It was then that he heard her say, "I want you too. Canft we get past that stupid agreement and work something out."
As Sam turned to face her in the bed, he was certain the agreement had been abrogated and that Ginny and he had embarked on a new phase in their relationship. He moved to kiss Ginny tentatively, on the lips.
Ginny, uncertain about her reception in Sam's bed, was relieved when Sam had kissed her. She had returned the awkward, sterile kiss with as much enthusiasm as she could muster only to be met by is lips again, this time tenderly and offering the promise of much more to come. It was a start!
From that humble beginning, the couple grew more intimate with each passing moment. With experience came familiarity and with familiarity came intimacy. It was a slow seduction as each took the time to savor the best that the other offered.
They learned to transmit their thoughts and needs and desires through their eyes and their body language as they prepared for the ultimate act. For Ginny, who had been seduced a number of times before, it offered new sensations and experiences as she gave of herself rather than simply accepting and her passions were soon at new levels.
They rested frequently and talked. It was then that Ginny said, "I wish you could have been my first! I was so stupid to let those others use me when you offer so much more. I love you!" Sam quickly responded, "The past is past. Wefve only the future. . ." Ginny was still concerned, "Can you forgive me for those others?" And Sam replied with a certain firmness, "Therefs nothing to forgive."
Then, as the kisses grew more rewarding and Sam's hands provided stimulation to her breasts and nipples, Ginny began to more actively participate in their act as she felt a strong compulsion to give - to excite her lover! She turned in the bed and grasped Sam's cock and began to slowly pump his erect penis as if to stimulate it further.
Ginny had never sucked a cock before. Oh! she'd been asked and she's been begged but somehow it'd seemed inappropriate. It was there on the bed as she pumped on Sam's cock that she felt the urge to try something new. She moved tentatively until her lips were over the head od Sam's dong. There, she tasted the slightly salty taste of his cock as she orally fucked him and was rewarded by body language that told her she was appreciated.
The fellatio might have continued longer as Sam reveled in the new feelings but Ginny had given way to her passion filled emotions and demanded that he fuck her. Responding to her demands, Sam moved over her into the customary missionary position and positioned himself for his entry. Their eyes met in silent agreement!
As Sam's tool slipped into Ginny's well lubricated vagina, she knew that this copulation would be like no other. She wondered if this might be the time when she experienced an orgasm which she'd heard about but never experienced.
Again, they worked slowly together as they became familiar with each other's moves. Their coitus soon became uniquely their own as they used and worked each other for maximum enjoyment.
It was as she felt Sam's movements quicken in preparation for his impending climax that she felt it. It was a feeling like no other as her body quickened and her senses brought on something so strong and so controlling and so filled with pure joy that her powers of reason dissolved into the morass of emotions and pleasures . It dawned on her even as the effects struck her. . . she was having her first orgasm!
As Ginny rode the waves of her first peak, Sam was also feeling the approach of his peak. His timing hadn't been perfect but they'd both attained their peaks and then, they rested in each other's arms.
Ginny was the first to speak, "Was it good for you?" she asked in the time honored manor of women after a bout of fantastic sex. Sam smiled as he replied in the time honored fashion, "It was the best." Then, they lay still joined by Sam's now flaccid cock caressing and petting and talking as neither wanted to part. . .
A few minutes later, when Sam's cock had risen to full erection again, they proceeded to the coital rhythm; not with a sense of urgency or a need for the sensations and wild passions of before but slowly as they talked.
When Ginny asked Sam if she might stay, he was thrilled. His enthusiastic kiss gave her all the answer she needed. For the second time that night she said the words, "I love you." without reservation or duress. On hearing this Sam grew quiet as he realized the gravity of the decision he was about to make. Then, he said, "I love you Ginny and want you with me forever."
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
This story was basically true. Oh! I enhanced some of the duller parts and changed the names but the basic story was essentially true.
Today, over twenty years later, Sam and Ginny are still together and still in love. If anything their love has deepened over the years and their five children all know and feel loved and wanted and needed and most of all loved.
Sam has advanced professionally to the point where he must travel frequently - sometimes for as long as five or six days at a time. When he returns home, he is greeted by Ginny and the kids are diverted as they retire to their big master bedroom for some play - It's different now, as age and circumstances have curtailed Sam's sexual prowess to perhaps one session per day but at the same time the sessions have gotten better as they experiment and innovate and find new way to arouse each other.
Sam and Ginny have few friends. . .except for each other, and that's enough!
With that dear reader I have to go. My wife is calling and the kids are at an all-day movie.
Sam & Ginny Forever

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