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Kidney Pain Article

Pleasure Pain

Pleasure or Pain?

By Anon - Jan 8, 2005 - From spanking- stories. Spanking stories - Views - 30476 Cassie nodded, lifting her head to look at him. Their eyes met for a moment, and he smiled in gentle comfort, holding out his hand. The motion gave Cassie the momentum she needed. Rising from her place on the floor in front of his chair, she stepped forward, her own hand stretching out.In reply, he rose from his chair, grasping her hand in his. Together they walked through the house, one of his hands resting lightly on Cassie's back, the other holding one of hers. The door to the den opened easily when Cassie pushed her free hand against it, and the couple stepped into the room, letting the door swing shut behind them. The comforts of this room were different from the rest of the house. The couple favored hardwood and tile floors, large open glass areas to fill the rooms with sun, and sunny white walls and ceilings. Furniture was lightweight and scattered sparsely through the rooms, leaving large open areas. Here, though, everything was different. The carpet was plush and deep, the walls lined with bookshelves and filled with heavy tomes. The one window was covered with heavy drapes, which were open or closed as desire and sentiment dictated. The furniture was heavy, with thick upholstery and plump stuffing. Most astonishing, though, was the ceiling, for it was paneled in square tiles of mirror, reflecting all the room's activity down on its occupants.
He led Cassie to the side of an overstuffed armchair, leaving her there while he moved to a wall cabinet. " Go ahead and bend over, my little one, " he instructed. " Hide your eyes in the seat cushion if you want."
Cassie trembled, looking at the cushioned arm. She knew well the position she was to take, having experienced it many times before. Somehow, though, each time seemed a new experience. Cautiously, she bent at the waist, her hands pressing into the cushion and her hips resting against the firm piece. As she knew he expected, her legs spread slightly, almost discreetly, and her hands crept across the chair to grip the other arm. The height of the chair required that she stay on tiptoes to hold her position, or let her feet dangle off the floor. For the moment, she chose the tiptoes option, feeling the odd need for physical support. Her head rested on the other arm, and she held onto it with her fingers as well. Trembling, she waited, listening as he rustled in the room, finding various objects he had hidden there.
Finally he stood behind her. Instinctively, Cassie knew he was perusing her fanny, considering the angle it was tilted up to him, the tightness of the fabric that covered it, the arch of her back as she propped it up. Almost unconsciously, she tilted her head to the side, looking up at just the right angle so that she could see his face reflected in the mirrors above. The look there was both disheartening and thrilling, for the mix of desire and love on his face usually meant a long, painful, and erotic evening for her.
He must have sensed her movement, for he looked up at the mirror and met her eyes there. " Peeking tonight, are you?" he teased, his voice rough. Cassie looked away quickly, staring at the chair of the seat. After a moment, she nodded. He saw the quick motion and smiled to himself. " I'm glad, my sweet pet." One of his hands rested on her pert bottom, and the other traced a line down her spine. " There is just one thing wrong with this picture, though."
" What's that?" Cassie whispered.
" You're dressed. You ought to be naked and your hands cuffed together with your legs spread just so and your bare breasts hanging free for me to play with as I desire. Maybe even with your ankles fastened to keep them spread at the proper distance. Then the only thing to com complete the perfect picture would be a bright red bottom that shines like a stoplight in the night."
A shudder passed over Cassie's frame at his words. He had a way of seducing her with the hottest of images before he ever laid a finger on her bare skin.
" You like that, huh?" he teased knowingly. " I bet you like that picture so well yourself, that when I take it, your thighs will be glistening wet and your sex will be spread open as wide as it can, begging me to slide my hard cock inside you and stroke in and out until my warm cream is buried deep inside your body and you are pulsating around me so hard that the pleasure in your brain overrides the pain in your ass as I slam against it again and again."
" Yes, " Cassie moaned helplessly. " Oh, yes."
" Well, then I guess the first step is to get these interfering garments of yours out of the way, isn't it?" His hands slid around her, expertly unbuttoning the small buttons that held her shirt together. The shirt came open easily, and he reached between the panels to cup her satin-covered globes for a moment. He squeezed them and then let go, loosening her tight grip on the opposite arm of the chair so he could slide the shirt off of her, dropping it on the floor behind the chair. " Remind me to spank you later for leaving your dirty clothes all over the house, " he whispered, bending over her to breathe against her ear.
Cassie wiggled beneath him, and he stood, delighted. Easily, he unclasped the back of her bra, letting it fall away from her breasts. Leaving it dangling there, he slid his hands around to grasp her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, tugging gently. Cassie's body arched against up, a small cry escaping her. " You know, " he murmured, " I think I might leave that piece of fabric there, hanging on your arms and shoulders. It ought to do a good job of reminding you how helpless and bare and exposed you are."
" Oh!" Cassie gasped, her body wiggling eagerly against the chair.
" I think you are already helplessly wet, aren't you?" he taunted. " I am going to have to check as soon as I get your pants off and on the floor where they ought to be." As he spoke, his hands slid down from her breasts, finding the button of her jeans and easily undoing them, sliding the zipper open. His fingers stroked the cotton beneath, and Cassie gasped again, this time jerking her hips forward. " Oh, the perfect move, my sweet pet. Now I can reach even lower." His voice was rough again now, and his fingers slid down until they found the tell-tale wet spot on the front of her panties.
Without speaking, he stood, keeping one arm around her waist and lifting her a little. " Now, pet, let's get these interfering jeans off, shall we?" he mused, tugging them down with his other hand. Cassie clung to the other arm of the chair, her bottom already squirming anxiously. " What are you squirming for, my precious one?" he finally commented, when her jeans had been pushed to mid-thigh. " You aren't even getting a panty-warming yet."
Cassie gasped. She pressed her open mouth against the chair cushion as he settled her hips back onto the arm. His fingers ran over her bottom, now covered only with her pink cotton panties, and down onto the backs of her thighs, his fingers probing the cotton hidden between them. Squirming again, Cassie tried to open her thighs, but the jeans prevented her. He smiled, leaving the wet crotch of her panties for a minute and pushing the jeans down her hips and off onto the floor. He kicked them away from beneath her feet and grasped her knees, spreading her legs and stepping forward between them.
" Now, then, " he taunted, his fingers touching the crack of her bottom through the panties. " I must say I think you look absolutely adorable so positioned, but there are just a few things left to take care of." He paused for a second, sliding his hand down to cup her sex through the fabric, feeling the wetness and heat emanating from her. When she settled in his hand, he released her, causing a moan of anguish to escape her lips. " Patience, my sweet pet, patience, " he admonished, stepping away. Left alone for a minute, Cassie shuddered, suddenly feeling the cool air of the air conditioning brushing over her. He returned almost immediately, but to her front, and Cassie looked up at him with a tremulous smile.
In his hands, he held a pair of leather cuffs, which he slid over her wrists easily. " Now then, " he said softly, staring down into her eyes, " Let me just tighten these up so you can't get them off." His fingers worked quickly, easily trapping her wrists, locking them in the cuffs. Next he stretched her arms down the side of the chair, and then looped each cuff's leather strap to the corresponding leg of the chair, trapping her left wrist against the front leg and the right wrist against the back leg. Cassie rested her forehead on the arm now, breathing shallowly as he fastened her to the chair.
When he had finished, he moved behind her, placing corresponding cuffs on each ankle and binding them to the legs of the other side of the chair. These, he left a little looser, allowing her some movement to squirm and wiggle in her bounds. " Now, sweetie, notice that I've given you plenty of room to move around tonight. When I take your sex with my hard cock, I want you to have room to move against me. But I still have you open for me. Once your panties come off, you won't be able to hide any part of your womanhood from me, will you?"
Knowing the question wasn't rhetorical, Cassie moaned, a soft affirmation escaping her lips.
He wasn't finished with making her talk, though. " Talk to me, my pet, and tell me how you feel." His hands held her hips and stroked up and down them softly.
" Oh, God, " Cassie breathed. " I'm so hot. You haven't even smacked my bottom once and all I can think about is how much it will hurt, how aroused I will be because of it, how much I want you inside me, fucking me until my lungs forget to breathe and my heart forgets to beat." She stopped for a second, breathing deeply, tugging a little on her bounds. " I feel so helpless, so out of my own control, so com completely ruled by your desires. So open, so vulnerable, even with my panties still covering my ass. But ..." She stopped again, looking for words, and he waited, his hands sliding back to squeeze her bottom firmly. " But I trust you so much, to take care of me, to take me to the edge of insanity but not to let me slip over, to give me pleasure as pain."
Her voice died in a whisper at the end, and he smiled down at her. " Very good. I want you to feel all of that. I want you to trust me com completely with every reaction, to not hold your lovely cries back or your moans of pleasure inside." His voice was gentle, and he cupped her sex in his hands. " And I want you to tell me what you're feeling, how hot you are, how much it hurts, how much you love me, everything you are feeling as I spank and paddle and torture your bottom. Do you understand?"
Cassie's moan was an answer, but he waited until she gasped out a clear yes before continuing.
" Very good, " he praised. " Now, I'm going to spank this bottom with my hand for a few minutes, and then we'll come up with a way to get these panties out of the way."
The first smack landed solidly on the seat of her panties. The second and third quickly followed, and Cassie arched as much as she could, her feet coming off the floor, but not much farther. More smacks followed over the width of her bottom, his large hand covering it easily with just a few smacks and then returning to repeat the process.
The spanking had hardly began to penetrate the web of passion around Cassie when his fingers began tugging on the edges of her panties, pushing them up, pulling the fabric against her sex and away from the lower part of her bottom. He held one side out of the way, adding hard fast smacks to the very edge of her bottom, a place he wanted to be especially red and sore by the time he finished. When her bottom began jerking against his hands, he snapped the panties down against her skin and moved to the other, tugging it up and adding hard, fast slaps to the pink color of her bottom.
A soft cry escaped her lips, and he stopped immediately, pulling his hands com completely away from her bottom. " Did that hurt, sweet?" he asked in tender, unbelievable concern.
" Oh, oh my love, please don't stop, " Cassie begged, struggling to perk her bottom higher in an enticing squirming motion.
" Why of course, I would never stop, " he comforted her. " But I do want to discard that cotton before I continue, " he mused, " It's so sexy over your fanny, but I want to be able to see your ass get redder and redder tonight." He waited until Cassie's gasp of pleasure had drifted away. " Now, I don't want to unlock those cuffs on your ankles so I think I'm just going to have to rip that cotton off. Maybe just the bottom first, then the rest of it later, after I've had a chance to compare the red hearts on those panties to the red tones in your rump."
Cassie reacted eagerly, lifting her bottom. " You like the idea of having your panties ripped away?" he teased, one finger looping inside the leg. " If these were much heavier, I might have to cut them away, but luckily I was thinking ahead when I picked these out for you earlier." He pulled hard, the fabric tearing a little. The second tug ripped across her bottom, and his fingers set to work tearing the heart-dotted cotton away from the elastic bands around her waist and legs.
As he worked, Cassie's voice drifted toward him, her voice incredibly quiet but tender. " Oh my love, oh my love, " Cassie moaned. " You're so hard and strong and sexy, and I feel so helpless against you."
The fabric dropped to the floor from his hands, and he squeezed her bottom, now framed by shredded strands of white and red cotton. His work had left the cotton over her sex intact, but he had ripped away enough to reveal her rosy back opening, which he laid a finger against as he spoke. " You are helpless right now, sweetie. Anything I want, I can take, and you can't do anything about it."
Cassie's gasp of pleasure was musical to him, and he smacked her right cheek, hoping to hear the lyrical sound again. His reward was a soft moan, and he hit the left one, celebrating inwardly as he heard a strangled cry of pleasure come from her throat. The spanking continued then, with one of his hands steadying her on the cushioned arm and the other imparting deep and important theories of color and hue into her squirming bare behind.
When he finally stepped away, unable to look away from her, it was to unzip his pants and to push them down. The pain of his swelling had started to interfere with his concentration on the task at hand, and he allow nothing -- not even his baser instincts -- to end this before the absolutely last possible instant.
Cassie had recovered enough to look up in the mirrors above him to watch his hurried disrobing. Dressed now only in boxer shorts with a noticeable lump jutting out from the front, he seemed almost unreal to her. Her own body was no longer a rational being, but a sexual animal, and the heat inside her quickened and shot darts of arousal through her. " Oh, Peter, " she moaned, her voice breaking. " You are so beautiful, so sexy."
The hairbrush, the black, hard, ebony-colored one with a mother-of- pearl handle, was in his hand when he stepped back to her side. A pleased smile was on his face, and he rubbed its cool smoothness over her as a reward. " Thank you, my pet. Your reactions are enough to drive any man to my state, though."
Cassie's low moan was in response to the cool back of the brush, and the next sound from her mouth was in response to the first sharp slap against her backside. On any day of the week, Cassie professed to hate the toy, and in discipline it was her worst enemy. But now, here, the pain it gave her was a gift, not a punishment. Her bottom lifted for the second smack, and he answered by delivering it, relishing the broken cry that came from her when he landed the large black back of the brush to her smooth cheek.
The smacking continued, each whap of the brush a little harder than before. Cassie's bottom was quickly changing from a deep pink to a bright shiny red. He watched the change eagerly, sometimes pausing to stroke the soft baby bristles of the other side against her exposed thighs. " What a special girl you are, " he murmured once, unable to resist leaning over to press a soft kiss against an especially red spot near the center of her bottom. Mostly, though, the hairbrushing continued, with Cassie's bottom rising and falling to each smack.
Eventually, he slowed the smacks, wanting to accent the red bottom of his Cassie with another implement of torture. When he laid aside the brush and retrieved the paddle from where he had hidden it beneath the chair, he smiled, knowing Cassie was too far gone to be watching him furtively in the mirrors.
The first splat of the paddle on Cassie's bottom brought a shriek of pain to her lips. He realized with a start that this cry was the first he had heard from her lips tonight, and he suddenly felt awash with amazement that she had gone through such a long and hard spanking with barely a plea for mercy.
The second splat of the paddle, this time on the base of Cassie's bare bottom, was followed by a second shriek of pain. He knew the paddle harder than the brush, and larger. It's wooden hardness was covered with leather on one side, and he turned it to that side and planted it against her bottom again, hard and fast for a minute or so while she screamed and began begging for relief.
" Now it hurts, doesn't it, baby?" he asked, rubbing the leather over her bottom and delighting with the moans and breathless cries that came from her even at this light contact. " Tell me how much your bottom hurts, " he coaxed, switching the paddle to his other hand and stroking her bottom lightly, his other hand cupping her crotch in his hands. " Tell me how hot you are down here."
He waited a moment as she calmed, squeezing her sex rhythmically with the rubbing of the paddle over her skin. When she spoke, her voice was almost inaudible, her breathy tones sometimes breaking. " It hurts so bad. I didn't notice at first, but when you switched to the paddle I realized how deep the burning is, how much I am stinging, how sore I am all over." He squeezed her sex reassuringly, and she continued. " But even though I almost can't stand it, I still ache so much inside because I want you to make love to me, so hard, over and over, even though I know that when you do you'll press against my ass with each stroke, reminding me of how sore I am, how sore you made me. Reminding me of how much you are controlling everything I feel, every little ounce of pain and pleasure I am feeling."
" Yes, darling, that's exactly what I'm doing. And before I take my pleasure inside you, I'm going to paddle you again. Now, remember, I want you to cry and beg and plead for mercy if that's what you're feeling. No hiding your reactions, understood?"
His voice was gentle now, and despite the intensity of her emotions, Cassie felt somewhat comforted. He laid the paddle aside, though. Confused, Cassie struggled for a second, but she calmed as she felt him ripping away the rest of her panties, exposing her sex and letting the liquid escape. The room was quiet for a moment as he retrieved a knife to cut the elastic away, and Cassie shivered as the smell of her arousal began to permeate the room.
Cassie was com completely nude now, except for the bra still dangling from her shoulders and brushing against her nipples when she squirmed and wiggled. Unless, of course, one counted the cuffs on her wrists and ankles that kept her vulnerable body open to him. " Please, oh please, spank me and get it over with, " Cassie begged. " I want you so much, so hard."
" What do you want me for, my pet?" he asked quietly, picking up the paddle again and rubbing it over the back of her thighs. Her bottom arched enticingly at the motion, and Cassie gasped.
Overcome by the heat inside her now, Cassie's words were low and hot, her voice almost that of another. " I want you to fuck me. Now."
" After your paddling, " he promised, bringing the paddle down hard on the seat of her bottom. Cassie's loud cry continued into the next smack, and again into the third. Over and over again, until Cassie was no longer lifting her bottom, but hung helplessly in place, unable to react any more.
He flung the paddle to the floor and jerked the boxers down to his feet, kicking them away. Inside her, he pressed into her as tightly as he could, feeling the wetness on her thighs brushing against his legs and the heat of her bottom against her stomach. Cassie cried out again, but this time the noise was in marked relief, though he still heard the pain and pleasure intertwined in her voice.
The sex was hot and fast, and Cassie came almost before he did, her grip on his cock pulsing in time to his strokes. When she lay exhausted, still bound to the chair, and both were sated, he pulled away, capturing the moment with a picture from the camera he had kept waiting.
His fingers were gentle as he loosed her cuffs, dropping them unheeded to the floor. Almost before she realized it was over, he was lifting her in his arms, and carrying her from the room.
Cassie slept hard and long that night, tight in her lover's arms. Peter slept long and hard that night too, Cassie's red bottom pressed against his stomach. When the two awoke, the sun was shining brightly through the window. Cassie twisted, facing him, her arms sliding around his neck. " Thank you, " she whispered, her voice soft and gentle.

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