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By Don Brown - Jan 27, 2008 - From spanking- stories. Spanking stories - Views - 24693 Our 3 girls have all visited my study at pretty regular intervals as part of their learning.
Always to cause the most embarrassment as possible as a lesson apart from the pain.
They have all left home now in either work or college but know where the study door is if ever they need correction.
Pipa is our eldest daughter she is 2 years older than Jules who in turn is 18 month older than Teri.
I suppose if I were to place then in naughtiness order, Teri has probably visited my study five times more than Pipa and Jules put together.
I doubt you could ever find a more loving but gullible young girl as Teri. She has the sweetest nature and up until about 15 was a huge tomboy.
Most of her friends were actually boys.
I remember one situation she got herself into with Timmy Jarvis whom lived 2 doors down.
Timmy was almost 1 year older than Teri but due to the way school classes were formulated they were always in the same class.
They had seen each other naked whilst growing up but I suppose as puberty struck that adventure stopped.
Many is the time that Jane had the pair over her knee for a spanking or Timmy’s mum did the same.
Teri, never one to be lost for words told me what happened.
They were studying at our house in her bedroom.
Teri said she needed to pee and went to the bathroom. Tim followed and looked at her through the crack in the door, no one ever closed our bathroom door.
When she finished she wiped her bum and saw him.
Timmy that was a horrid thing to do,
Spy on me.
You are right I’m sorry Teri.
Never mind sorry, you saw me and I want to see you.
I hardly saw anything, honestly
Well if I show you what I have, can I see yours?
Ok, you first.
Why me?
You have 2 to show.
I wasn’t going to show you my tits
No deal then.
Ok and she removed her tee shirt.
She then removed her shorts to be left in bra and knickers.
She saw the bulge in Timmy’s shorts and decided to play on it.
She danced around her bedroom as if doing a strip show.
She pulled her knickers up to her crack to show her bum cheeks, he was getting bigger and bigger.
She pushed her tits to the top of her bra and stopped in front of his face and took one out and tweaked her nipple, then the other one and tweaked that, will you unclasp me please Timmy?
She turned around.
His fingers were like toes as he fumbled but finally undid her bra.
She turned around and showed her beautiful young tits.
Ok, your turn, Timmy did not mess about. Hr pulled his shorts and pants down together but he had such a hard on they were stuck on his cock.
When they were down she stood open mouthed. It was huge, well huge to her, not that she’d seen many, well actually none.
Although she had gone 18 she had never had a proper boyfriend.
Wow she said.
Ok lets see your cunt.
Don’t be vulgar Tim
Well what do you call it?
My pussy.
She pulled down her shorts first then her knickers to show a perfectly formed slit, com complete with full bush.
Can we touch each other Teri?
Ok but no fucking.
They lay on the bed on their backs. Who is going first? Tim asked.
You can if you want.
He sat up and admired her tits, about the size of a grapefruit with the pinkest nipples, which were stood rigid. Can I touch them?
No, just look.
He moved down her slender body to her black bush and saw her clit protruding through the hairs.
What’s that?
It’s called a clitoris?
I thought so, what is it for?
Dunno, but it is very sensitive.
Will you open your legs Teri?
Course, if we are looking properly.
She opened her leg and her lips parted showing her pink womanly creases?
Wow he said as she opened and closed her legs making her lips dance.
Ok, my turn?
Tim lay on his back and she left the bed and went to her school bag, what you doing?
Just getting my ruler to measure you?
She returned and put the ruler on the bottom of his shaft, remember no touching?
She laid it on his cock and read out, 8 inches. She looked again to check and she saw it twitching as if out of control then out of the end fired rows of white liquid.
It was then that the bedroom door opened and Jane entered with Teri’s clean washing.
What on earth she gasped.
We were only looking mom, nothing else.
Well how do you explain Timmy’s ejaculation?
Right you 2 down stairs outside your father’s study.
Oh mom, we were just looking
Now! And she pulled Teri up by the arm and planted 5 quick fire spanks to her bare bottom.
They had to go through the kitchen to my study.
I was sat at the table with Pipa and her new boyfriend Mark and Jules when they both appeared.
The girls looked glued to Timmy’s cock.
And Mark was glued to the wobbly bits of Teri
Just stand there you two.
Please dad let us get to your study.
Are you disobeying me Teri?
No dad, sorry dad.
Jane came down and told what she had seen.
So you both wanted to show your selves naked did you?
Honest dad we were just looking.
So how do you explain Timmy shooting his stuff all over?
I must have touched him with the ruler when I was…..
Enough Teri, over the table.
If you three want to sit in the window seat and watch, you are very welcome.
Three eager pairs of eyes sat down without taking their eyes of the two soon to be whipped young adults.
They knew the formula, although not an every day occurrence.
Teri lent over the narrowest part of the table and gripped the other side as hard as she could. She knew the penalty for letting go was a swift trip over dad knee for a hard spanking, then back over the table.
Mark could not believe his eyes and I saw him having to adjust his pants to accommodate his hard on.
I was just going to send him over the top. Legs Teri, spread them wide.
She opened as wide as they would go forcing her lips to part. She was showing for only the second time her womanly charms to an eager set of eyes in Mark and Poor Timmy.
Poor Timmy as his cock began to grow.
I went to the front of Teri facing the others so everyone could see, and slowly remover my belt.
I walked behind Teri and folded it in half and rested it on her bottom.
Are you ready Teri?
Yes dad.
I raised it shoulder height and brought it down hard on her quivering bottom.
She let out a gasp.
I put the second cut on exactly the same place and she began to cry.
By the time I had given her 10 she was crying like a baby.
You can get up now Teri.
She arose and did the spanked child dance, one foot to the other. Her young tits followed her rhythm, Timmy’s cock now getting even harder.
When she finally stopped rubbing she put her hands on her head without being told pushing out her tits.
Now Timmy, your turn.
Before he could walk to me I went to fetch him.
I grabbed his cock and led him to the table.
Do you not think that this has got you into enough trouble today Timmy without enlarging again.
Yes sir he said with his bright red face hung down.
Lets se if we can make that bottom of yours the same colour as your face.
I think in years to come you will spoil a few girls with this, hey Mark?
I said to the audience but aimed at Mark.
Yes Mr. Brown said Mark sheepish.
The audience laughed and a smile came through Teri’s tear soaked face.
Right lad, over you go, and lets have that hanging down and not soiling the table.
I held his cock down as he stretched for the other side and made his knuckles white with his grip.
I noticed his balls had dropped well into their final position and he had hair over them and rising to his bum hole
I laid the double belt on his pure white bottom and asked if he was ready.
Yes sir.
I once again brought the belt down with the force I used on Teri.
His buttocks clinched but no sound, what a brave boy, or stupid.
The second cut was at the same force I give Jane.
Timmy jumped up and grabbed his bottom jumping up and down, his cock hitting his belly with every jump.
I think you know the rules don’t you Timmy?
Yes sir, sorry sir he said through trembling voice.
And what are the rules?
My first two spanks will not count sir and I will be whipped 2 extra.
Exactly, now over again, would you like someone to hold your arms?
Yes please, Jane would you please?
Off course.
Put your willie down off the table again please, thank you.
I patted his bottom with the belt and gave him another 8 with 5-second intervals at Jane’s force.
The last two would be to remind him how treat a lady. Crack, crack, like fireworks going off. I could see Jane struggle to hold him.
He screamed out loud SORRY, SORRY.
You may get up now Tim.
He arose gingerly crying his eyes out and started the spanked dance straight away rubbing his very red and very sore bottom.
His cock once again did a waltz and you could hear it slapping against his belly above his crying
Now for his final humiliation having tried to do who knows what with my daughter.
Well guys have I succeeded in making his bottom the same colour as his face?
Go over to them Tim, let them see, and put those hands on your head.
His cock was loosing its size now but still a mighty fine weapon for a young man.
He went over to the others s instructed, turn round and let them see your bottom, bend over a little.
Teri go and join him, now what have you to say?
Teri took a big breath lifting her tits in the air, her nipples looked rock hard.
We are really sorry you had to see us being whipped today, sorry, yes sorry, Timmy chimed in.
Right you two, go and wait outside me study.
But Dad.
I raised the belt and they both went to my study door.
I left them for a while and we all had a laugh at their expense.
I went quietly to my study and heard Timmy say, but why does he still want us here.
I don’t know but what I do know is that if you do not stop playing with your cock you will be in bigger trouble.
I can’t help it, just looking at you makes me go so stiff.
Right you 2 follow me into the study. I picked up the phone and spoke to Timmy’s mom, I explained what had happened and how I intended to finish with them, yes they are in my study now, I will talk to them and then give them both a spanking, yes ok, bye for now.
Both their faces dropped at the thought of another belting on their sore bottoms.
Now come here and face each other. As you heard I intend to spank you both. Then you will both go to Timmy’s house where his mom and dad will also give you both a belting.
Have a good look at each other, this is what you have had your beatings for. They looked at each other up and down, Teri mainly at his cock and he at her tits.
Right whose first, Teri as usual stepped forward and readily made herself over my knee.
I gave about 20 spanks, not too severe, but I had to make a point. Timmy was still staring at her cunt as she was told to get off. As you would expect his cock was rampant so I grabbed it again and threw him over my knee and gave him 20 steady spanks.
Both stood in front of me crying and dancing, he was not too interested in her bouncing tits or she his now softening cock.

Right moms brought your clothes down get dressed.
I watched as both steadily got dressed. Teri gently put her knickers on carefully lifting it over her bottom and easing the elastic into place. Timmy put on his unders in the same way, tucking his cock into its normal side.
Both put their shorts on just as careful. Teri looked a picture with no top on, one of my favourite poses of Jane’s.
She put on her bra juggling her small but pert tits into their position and they both pulled on their tee-shirts.
Thanks again dad and we are both truly sorry.

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