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Nakidgiris Article

Photo Night

Photo Night

By john - Jun 24, 2008 5918 Hello my name is John,
I just want to tell about the best night of my life also the most erotic, night any man could have. Which involved the greatest strip show I have any seen? But first a brief history, of myself. I’ve just turn 30, I’ve never married and to be honest I’m not very good with women. I live alone in a small street. I’m not skilled in anyway. I work as a cleaner in a local school. I have a small group of friends who I meet with on a Friday night. We have the same interests which are not a lot. None of my friends are married either. That’s not to say we don’t like women, its just we are not any good with them. I’ve had two girlfriends in my life, but you could say, we didn’t hit it off, if I’m honest I’ve only slept with one on them.
When I was in school I meet a beautiful girl called Lynn, she was in my class, and because I was not popular with any of the other kids in class everyone used to be very nasty to me. Lynn however was one of the girls who used too be nice to me she would say hello, and she never took the piss out of me. But you could tell it was not because she liked me, more out of pity, than anything else. I admit I’m no oil painting, but I didn’t deserve to be treated like that, by any of them.
One day when I was around the age of 15 or 16 I plucked up courage to ask her out. Her friends just fell about laughing, and from then I had the piss taken out of me, all the time, and Lynn never spoke to me again. She seemed too embarrassed to talk to me again. I was infatuated with her even more. I just wanted to get even with her, for ignoring me. How could she be so nasty and still be beautiful. I knew where she lived, and most nights I would walk around to the back of her house. Trying to get a glimpse of her, undressing or naked, I just wanted to look and her body. I would dream about her all the time, she was my forbidden fruit.
Then one day, while I was looking into her bedroom I was about the leave when she walked passed her window, she was topless but, unfortunately her back was to me. I had missed my one and only chance of seeing her topless. I waited for hours but she only came back and closed the curtains. I would of given my right arm to see her naked. She has got a massive pair of tits you have ever seen, and her legs slim. Well that summer her family moved away. I found out where she lived but it was too far for me to go and watch her. That year I left school, I would see her now and again but she didn’t say a word to me. Mostly she avoided me as much as she could. As time went on, I didn’t see her at all, but she was never far from my memory. After a couple of years I heard she had married and had moved away, from our small village.
Then this year my flats were going too knocked down, and the council moved me into a private road. And I could not believe my luck, because Lynn and her husband also lived in this road. &n bsp; &nb sp;
When ever I was in the road I would say hello and try to talk to Lynn, but she was always to busy for me. She would say hello and be gone straight away always, in a rush to get away from me. Her husband Tony (name changed) never spoke to me, he would smile or grunt at me. I am not a stalker but with the girl of your school boy days living on your door step, well I took up my nightly walks again. I have to admit when ever she went out; I would look out for her behind my curtains so she couldn’t see me. And try to imagine her nude.
And from the small lane, I could see straight into her bedroom, but I never did see her nude.
That’s not to say I didn’t have a good wank over her. I used to imagine what her cunt and breasts looked like, while I looked at my porn mags. One day while I was in a pub in town, Lynn and her husband walked in. My friends new I fancied her, and started to take the piss out of me. I’m sure she heard because she and Tony left after one drink. But all of my friends agreed she has got a beautiful body, and she’s good looking. But also they thought she was a bit of a snob, but in the end all agreed they we like to give her one.
Anyway back to the best night of my life, last Monday, as always I went to the paper shop. To get my paper and cigs, and as I was leaving I bumped into tony. Hello John, tony said how are you? What I said, well we have never had time to talk maybe we should have a drink sometime. Ok I said, what are you doing tonight he asks? Well I’m very busy tonight, why do you ask? Well if you want a night you will never forget a night of you dreams. Then maybe you should think of coming with me to a club I’ve joined in Westcoast I said, I was busy. John you should really make an effort to come to night you won’t regret it. Then he gave me a piece of paper on it. And John if you change your mind bring a good camera and extra films. Also John be there at 7.00pm and don’t be late the doors shut at 7.10pm the address was an hours bus ride away, I thought it’s too far to go. But what did he mean, a night of my dreams. How would he know what my dreams were? I thought, no, Im not going there I don’t know tony, at all and why would he would want me to go to his new club.
Well if I am honest I didn’t have anything much to do, but for my walk around the backs of the houses. Around 5oclock I thought fuck it I will make an effort to go too
Westcoast, I went to a mate’s house, and he lent me his camera, on the way to Westcoast I picked up a pack of 3 films. I thought if the club wasn’t any good I would catch the early bus home.
I arrived in Westcoast at 18.45 and after asking a couple of people I found the club. It said
Westcoast camera club members only. There were a couple of guys outside, I walked in, and a huge guy on the door walks over to me and asks what I wanted. I explained that, tony invited me for tonight. Ok go in and get yourself ready and grab a drink, he said.
I went inside and up some stairs, into what was a photographic studio. To one side was a table and in the centre of the room, was a double bed with a lot of powerful lights, shining on to it. I went to the table and picked up a beer and opened it, and took a long drink.
This short fat guy cames over picks up a beer and opens it and says to me, well it should be a good night tonight. As there are no rules. What I said, well the model is from out of town and we can put her into any pose we went. I ask him will she be nude. He grins and replies, Oh yes she will be totally nude.
Anyway I needed a piss so I went to the toilet, I had another quick chat to another guy, who seems very excited about tonight. Normally he says we have to ask the model how far we can go. If we pay her extra we get open leg shots. And sometimes when a girl who needs extra money she will put on a really good show for us. Know what I mean. But tonight is different as we have been told we can put her in any pose we want.
Tony a new member has arranged this for us special night for all the club members. That is why so many members are here tonight for a good free show. She has been told to show us everything she has. Very explicit you know also we have a couple of extra surprises for her as well. But the only thing we are not allowed to do is fuck her. That is was tony has asked. Although she me be gagging for it.
Who is she I ask? Well she’s not from around here; I don’t know where she is from.
I could hear some noises coming from the studio, so I made my way back in. I could see small groups of men in huddles talking to each other and getting their cameras ready. I couldn’t see anybody I knew, so walked over to the table and opened another beer. I put a film into my camera and put the flash unit onto the camera.
I looked over to the door and I could see a group of men surrounding a dark haired girl. Her back is to me and I couldn’t see her face or body either. The men were like bees to honey. I looked to see if I could see tony but I couldn’t. Then in the corner of my eye I could see him at the beer table. I walked over to tony and I tap him on his shoulder. He turns around and looks stunned to see me. Hi John glad you could make it tonight, have you brought your camera with you. Yes I replied and a couple of extra films. Good you will need them tonight, have you seen who the model is for tonight, he asks? No I reply, who is she?
Well it’s Lynn my wife he informs me. Im totally shocked, of all the girls in the world I never thought for a minute it would be Lynn. Keep it to yourself and tell nobody, who she is. This is our secret and nobody else should know. I just thought you would like to have good look, at her. I know you have fancied her for years. Now here’s your chance to see her naked. Just think the girl of my dreams in the same room as me and soon she will be naked. Take all the photos you want, you won’t get another chance. Have a good look and enjoy yourself. Don’t use your films up in the first 5 minutes either. She is going to show everyone every small detail of her body. The show she is putting on will be very explicit. You can have a good look at her cunt tonight. I hope you enjoy yourself John.
I can’t believe I have an open invitation to take explicit photos of his wife.
I looked over to the crowd of men and in the middle I could just make out, Lynn’s face and I still can’t believe it’s her.
We both walk over to the edge of the group men and I crane my neck to get a better view of Lynn. The men have already started to take photos as Lynn poses for the them. There are a lot of camera clicks as she moves this way and that way, as directed by the photographers.
Move your head towards me push out your chin, flick your hair back over your shoulders. And all the time Lynn is doing what they asked. It seems one man asks her to pose and everyone, takes her picture, then swap and someone else, takes over and puts her into the position he wants, and everyone takes her picture, in this new pose.
Then someone says Ok, take the dress off now love, and as instructed Lyn undoes the zip at the back of her red dress. She pulls the sleeves over her arms and slowly wiggles her hips out of her dress.
I am trying to get some photos of her doing this strip, but I can’t get close enough just yet. I hope this does not stop now, and I never get another chance to see her like this.
I can see her dress drop to the floor, and she justs stands there in her white underwear for
all to look at. She looks beautiful just standing there arms down her side. But the tone of the men has now change, I sense the men what to see her naked. But I can’t say I blame them, she looks so horny. Fucking hell this can’t be happening to me, after all these years. Lynn will soon be naked with fuck all on in front of my eyes. I stand up on tip toes to get a better look at her, but there are still too many blokes in front of me. Everyone takes his turn to move around her taking there photos then I see her right in front of me I have a clear view of her and I quickly take my photos of her as she stands hands on hips in her underwear.
Then a rough voice says loose the bra. I wait with bated breath, and Lynn reaches behind her back and unclips her bra. Now she pulls the straps over her elbows, and down her arms. She holds her cups over her breasts, while everyone takes her picture. Someone at the back shouts out show us your tits then love. The man in front of me says come on love lets have a look at your tits.I can see Lynn hesitate, the men grow restless. And then she pulls her bra away, to reveal her huge breasts. Now for the first time I can see her fantastic tits in all their glory. Lynn stands proud .Wow their fantastic; I can’t believe I am looking at her topless, tits on display like this. Then suddenly the sound of camera clicks captures this wonderful picture. Someone is instructing her to lift her breasts and then to pull her nipples. Now she is cupping and offering her breasts to the cameras. She puts her hands behind her head. Giving us a clear view of her breasts. There are a lot of flattering remarks about her breasts. Some men are still giving her instruction as what to do.
I’ve waited a long time to see her in this state. Tits on display like this. I can’t get over the fact I am in this room watching Lynn of all people putting this strip show, for these men.
She stands proud and I can see her nipples they are out of this world they are hard and erect, I can’t believe what I am seeing here. Everyone is staring at her huge breasts as instructed she puts her hands behind her head and chest out so her breasts look firm. I take my photos of her breasts. Lynn is now told to pull her knickers down to her knees.
Slowly she pulls them down. Now she’s told to put her hands behind her head, and then to squeeze her nipples, and to cup her breasts. She pulls her knickers up as she has been told to get onto the bed.
The group moves back and Lyn climbs onto the bed. She lies on her back, displaying her breast. With just her small white knickers on. Posing for the cameras, still holding her tits as asked. I am thinking please please take of your knickers I want to see that cunt of yours. This is so unreal; I can see Tony is besides her. And whispers into her ear. Then she looks at Tony and opens her legs. Now she puts her hand down her leg to her knickers. She places her fingers on the inside of her knicker rim, and then pulls them to one side. To reveal her pussy, I am so shocked to see Lynn doing this in front of all these men. I can’t believe it after all these years, I am now looking at her open cunt. There is a lot of camera clicks now as everyone wants to capture this picture of her open legs. We all take our turn to snap her pussy and move around the bed to let the next guy take his turn. There is a little chaos as people push for a better view. Tony tells everyone to take their time, as you will all get a good look, at her cunt he says.
She is going to show you all, what she has to offer. I can’t understand how any husband could let a group of men he hardly knows see his wife on display like this. And letting them put her into poses, which show her body in this obscene way. But if I am honest I am glad that Tony is doing this tonight and has let me come and watch.
Drop your knickers love, someone has instructed Lynn to do. And as asked she slowly pulls her knickers down her thighs over her knees and then she kicks them off. She is lying on her back with her legs closed; I move forward, I see Lynn has turned over onto all fours. I want you to go doggy style, love the guy with a beard asks. And Lynn moves to the centre of the bed. Spread your legs and arch your back, that’s it .now lower yourself down and put your ass into the air. We can’t see your pussy; come on open your legs wider so we can see it. I watch as Lynn moves her body into position as asked. Her pussy looks fantastic you can see a small amount of pubic hair; I can see her pussy lips in great detail. This is my dreams coming true. Lynn now lowers herself down further, and pushes her ass into the air to fully expose her cunt even more. This is for the cameras to get a better view of her gaping pussy. Her pussy is now totally exposed very explicit viewing. She has been told to place a hand on her pussy, and she does what she has been told to do; now she’s been asked to slip a finger in. I try to get a photo of her doing this but I don’t think they will come out. She bends her head and now looks towards the cameras, smiling with her head held high. Everyone likes to see face and cunt together; this is what she would look like just before she takes a cock up her.
You can hear the camera lens zoom in to capture her cunt in this position.
A couple of the men start to laugh and point at her pussy I take in this wonderful view and capture it onto film.
We move around to let the guys at the back have their chance to photograph her in this position. Lynn now turns onto her back and as instructed begins to open her legs very slowly. Until they are spread wide open, to give everyone an unobstructed view of her exposed pussy.
I can’t believe my eyes, never in a millon years did I think I would look at Lynn on a bed legs spread open for me to look at. I take my turn and I move slowly in front of her. I am now at the end of the bed looking straight down at Lynn. Shoulder to shoulder with the other photographers, my camera close to my eye. Oh what a great looking cunt, I can’t believe I am so close to her, I feel very privilege to see her in this exposed state. All of my wishes have come true. Her cunt looks better than I imagined it would look like.
Lynn looks at me and it takes time for her to register who I am. When she realizes she looks shocked. I think she must be confused
I ask her to smile for me. I point my camera at her face then down to her breasts, and then to her open legs and I take a picture of her exposed pussy lips.
I want her to know I am looking at her in every detail. I’ve waited a long time to see her naked and to get even, with her for the pain I had when I was younger. I am going to enjoy myself. Again I put the camera to my face and focus on her cunt. Which is just a few inches away from me and snap another open leg photo, I get another photo of her pussy lips. Can you imagine I’ve been waiting all of these years just for a glimmer of her flesh, and here she is now, stark naked, legs wide open pussy gaping wide.
And while I’m looking at her like this. I remember all of those cold nights walking around the backs of the houses. Just hoping for a quick glimpse of Lynn. And now here she is totally exposed spread out on the bed for me to enjoy the view. And I can take any explicit photo of her as I like because Tony her husband has said I could. I never expected any thing like this though.
I now focus on her face and body. Making sure I get her cunt in the photo as well. I tell her to look into the camera, and to smile for me. I fumble with my camera because of nerves. Not wanting to miss this moment. I think fuck it I will go for broke and I tell to place her hand onto her pussy. Half not expecting her to do what I’ve asked. But slowly she moves her right hand down her leg and places it on to her pussy. I ask her to touch herself. And now she moves her fingers around her lips. I tell Lynn I want to look inside her. She looks shocked, and I didn’t think she would, but yes she places her fingers on to her lips and slowly pulls them apart, for me to look inside her. I can’t believe it that Lynn of all people is doing what I’ve asked. This just gets better and better. I bend down level with her legs to get a good photo of her open lips. I am asked to move over so other people can have a photo of her open lips.
I move back in front of Lynn again and I ask her to spread her lips a little wider which she does. I focus in for a close up shot. The men behind me clammier and push their lens, forward not wanting to miss these shots. I tell Lynn to look into my camera and to smile, for me. I want her to look happy while opening herself up so I can photograph her pussy. I find it hard to focus with her cunt on display like this. I just hope these photos come out. I tell Lynn to stretch her lips wider because I want to see her clit. And as ask Lynn pulls open her lips with one hand to expose her clit. I can see her pink inner pussy.
Everything is now on display. Lynn holds open her cunt for me so I can get a good look inside her. She is a little wet inside, I can she all of her pink pussy. I focus on her fingers in this intermit area for a close up snap. Nice cunt I tell Lynn. I can see deep into her and she is still doing what I ask Again I move over to let the other have fun, while I change my film. Everyone is eager to capture this sight of an open pussy. She still has to smile while the men move slowly around the bed, taking their pictures of her open and stretch cunt lips. This is so personal an intermit viewing. How she has got the courage to let total strangers, tell her to open up her pussy lips and let them take close up photos of her cunt is beyond me. But I don’t care I am just happy to watch her doing these things.
The short fat guy asks me to move because he wants a close up shot, he tells Lynn to open her legs wider and to lift her ass into the air. And Lynn does what she has been told. He is between her legs focusing for a real close up shot of her cunt his camera lens is level and inches away from her shaved pussy. Afterwards I take my turn and move back between her legs to capture this photo. I have to ask her to smile, while zoom in for a close up.
Nobody wants to miss this chance of a free close up view of this beautiful girl’s cunt. Her spread pussy opened up for all too see. After all we are only men. Especially me after all these years I don’t want to miss any of tonight’s show. Tony then leans over and whispers into Lynn ear. I couldn’t hear what he said, and then he leans over to me.
He whispers tell her to put a finger up her cunt. And to play with her tits. I can’t believe what he has just asked me to do. To make his wife masturbate in front of 15 odd men, while we watch and photograph her. Fuck it why not, I can’t miss this chance so I move back between her legs I raise my camera to my eyes and I ask Lynn, to play with her breasts and to slip a finger into her hole. Everyone laughs at this but for a moment I thought she wouldn’t go through with what I asked. She closes her eyes and with trembling fingers, she places her hand onto her left tit. With her right hand moves to her cunt I can see her fingers feel, and moves her lips around and suddenly she slips her finger into herself.
We all stop taking photos for a minute as we watch Lynn gently fingering herself, on the bed. Oh what a sight, a naked girl, openly fingering herself in front of all these men. I focus on her hand as in moves in and out. I capture her finger as she rubs her clit. I tell her to push her finger all the way in, I want to see how deep it can go. I can’t believe I am telling Lynn of all people how to masturbate.
I know normally this is a very private and intermit moment for any girl. But tonight is a very special night. She has closed her eyes, so I ask too open and to look straight into my camera. While she is fingering herself. I can see her finger sliding in and out of her cunt slowly I take another photo of her in this position. I am so close I can smell her pussy from here. I am level and between her thighs.
I turn around and all lenses are pointing either at her cunt and fingers or her face .I tell Lynn she can put another finger up if she wants and sure enough she does. I want her to play with herself and for her to cum while looking direct into my camera, as if she is playing with herself over me. Trying to turn me on, which she always has done anyway?
But at the moment she hasn’t cum. I then ask Lynn to pull a finger half way out so I could get a close up of her finger embedded in her hole. She lifts her finger out and pulls it to the side. I can see its still in her and I zoom in for a close up. I can’t get the picture of Lynn lying on the bed wanking herself off for all to see. I am told to move around for the others to have there turn to have a good look and to photograph her with her finger half in. After everyone is happy Lynn is given a cucumber to use instead of herself instead of her fingers.
I can’t believe she’s going use the dam thing. I strain for a better look. And she opens her lips and slowly pushes the cucumber inside her, she pulls her lips apart and it slides in now she pulls it down and back up again. It’s quite long and has a big girth. Lynn lies on the bed gently pushing and pulling on this cucumber, while we happily take our photos. Now someone asks for her to put her hand under her ass and to grab the cucumber and to push it in from there, so they can see better as it slides in and out of her cunt. I take a couple of photos I can see it going in quite far and back down again.
She looks up at me, as she pushes the cucumber in, looking straight into my eyes. When everyone has finished, some one tells her to put a hand on her tit which she does. They want her to leave the cucumber sticking out of her while they snap a photo of it. Then a fat bloke gives Lynn a vibrator, she pulls the cucumber out and turns on the vibrator and slowly pushes up the pink vibrator. It’s in the shape of a penis. You can here the buzzing noise when she pulls it down, then it goes back up. She now pulls it out and starts to rub her clit. And I take a lot of photos of her as she plays with the vibrator. In and out I goes up to the hilt everyone likes to watch her having a good time.
Tony her husband whispers into her ear and she slows down. She pushes in as far as it will go and then puts her hands behind her head. Then she leans back leaving the vibrator embedded up to the hilt inside her. Letting everyone enjoy this sight.
Now it’s my turn to again be between her legs so I can get some great close up shots of this vibrator sticking out of her cunt. The guy next to me pulls out the pink vibrator and Lynn looks down. He has a bigger black vibrator he pulls her lips open and pushes inside her. To the delight of everyone, Lynn reaches down with her right hand pulls it out and then straight back in.
I can’t stop thinking how Lynn could let a stranger open her lips and push this vibrator up her. Lynn now starts to have a good play with herself, again we have eye contact. She watches me as she pushes up the black vibrator. I am getting rely turned on now. I bend down just inches from her hand as she is playing with herself. I can see some juices on the vibrator she must be really enjoying this turning all these men on like this. Lynn now stops, and closes her eyes for a minute I change my film again. While she still has her eyes closed, I pull out the vibrator. I take hold of her pussy lips and pull them open, she looks at me , I then push a couple of fingers into her moist hole she try’s to pull back and a couple of the blokes grabs her ankles. I can feel how wet she is. She moans little, I stretch her lips for the others to take snaps off. She is trying to close her legs now, but I pull my fingers out, and she stops fighting. Her legs are held open for the cameras. Tony bending down and I hear him telling her she must swallow it all. I move around the bed and I start to pull my trousers down. I get my pants down my cock is already hard as nails. I have a pull on it, and I pull my foreskin back. I think fuck it maybe I will get a blow job out of this. I am dying to cum anyway. I move to her head. She struggles, and then she stops. I am by her head and she looks at me and then my cock. I give my camera to the guy next to me. I ask him to get some close up shots of my cock in her mouth. I tell him want a close up when I shot my load into her face.
I push my cock onto her lips. Then I bounce it onto her lips, I push my cock into her lips trying to force it into her mouth. I can feel her lips on my helmet. I push again, and I say come on Lynn open your mouth, I’ve got something for you. Tony then says do it Lynn. She grabs my cock with her hand and pulls it straight into her mouth.
I can feel her tongue on my helmet, it feels warm, I put my hands on her head and I pull her head down onto my cock. All the time the sound of camera clicks is very loud. She is now going up and down the length of my cock, I can’t believe it I am Cumming straight away. I pull my cock out of her mouth, and I shot my spunk into her face. It goes into her eyes and lips. I pull more out and shot it into her open mouth. She starts to gag. I bounce my cock onto her lips and I rub my spunk into her face. She wipes some of the spunk away. And licks her lips. I grab her hair and I push my cock back into her mouth. And she swallows what’s left of my cum. Lyn licks my cock clean.
I am so happy with what I have just done to the girl of my dreams I cant believe she has just sucked me off and I have it on film. The guys are still taking their photos. The man I gave my camera to says it’s his turn now and he pulls his trousers down to reveal his erect cock I move out of the way, and he pulls Lynn’s head back and he pushes his cock down her throat. Two of the older men stand either side of Lynn and start to wank in her face. Shooting there spunk onto her tits. The guy, who has his cock in her mouth, pulls hard down on Lynn’s head and empties his load into her open mouth. He pulls out and Lynn starts to spit his cum out, but before she can do that another cock is pushed into her mouth. And this guy uses her head to wank with. I carry on taking my photos, of Lynn with cocks either side of her mouth. And the guys emptying their loads over her face and hair. I look down and someone is putting there fingers into her cunt giving her a good old fingering. He looks at me and asks did I want to have a go, but I declined. I look up and Lynn has got two cocks in her hand wanking them off. The guy who was fingering Lynn has now got his tongue in her hole licking her out. I have ran out of film I have now got over a hundred porn photos to satisfy my needs. I looked over to Lynn and she is being showered in spunk in her face mouth and hair. She starts to rub the spunk into her huge tits. I think everyone apart from Tony unloaded either in her mouth or on her face. She is covered in sperm. As I start to leave Tony comes up to me and asks whether I enjoyed the show, fucking right I tell him. What do you think of Lynn’s body he asks? It’s better than I could imagine I tell him, nice cunt and tits. Next time John you might be able to fuck her. Would you be up for it he asks. You bet but will there be a next time I ask him, he replies you never know.
Next time I see her I will thank her I got my films developed and all the pictures came out. Now I don’t have to imagine what her tits and cunt look like. I have my pictures of her doggy style and with her fingering herself .also I have photos of her stretched pussy lips. And with vibrators sticking out of her hole. I have shown all my friends my pictures and given them copies for them to enjoy. And to wank over. I only wished I could have fucked her. But never mind I did get a blow job though. What more could I dream off.

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