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Short Love Poems for Boyfriends can be Great Poetry

Short Love Poems for Boyfriends can be Great Poetry

There is none more romantic than a woman in young love is. There is nothing more romantic than poetry about love. If you put these two together, you get some amazingly creative poetry. As sweet as this all sounds, there is a growing problem that Christian families all over the world have to face and yet they cannot because they do not even know that it exists. There are two types of messages in this world and it really only makes sense. There is the evil and vile message that spreads like wildfire on the streets, in back alleys, in bars and dark clubs, and now, sadly enough, in our schools and neighborhoods. On the other hand, Christian parents and church leaders are spreading the good news and messages about Lord and Savior. They try to convey this good news as often as possible but the bad news has the advantage of being with and around our children more often than that with which most parents can compete. It is Not Called Puppy Love Anymore As Christians, we realize this. We are putting up a great fight. However, the more subtle attack is the kind of covert message that most of us do not look for. It comes in the way of affirmations. We realize that boy and girl attraction starts at a younger age than it used to. Movies and books are stealing away our children with romantic notions that look great, sound great to our kids, and therefore, in their minds must be great. The affirmations that teenage love and sex are okay are all around us. Even the image of an actor who is in one of those movies is an affirmation of that message and our kids see these images everywhere. Another affirmation of premature love that we do not recognize as Christian parents is, unbelievably, short love poems for boyfriends. When a young girl begins to daydream and fantasize about being with a boy, they will leave the Christian parent (who is looking for it) little clues that tell us it is time to increase our conversations with them and give them as much love and positive information as we can. If you see internetforchristians 7-most-romantic-short-love-poemsshort love poems for boyfriends in your teenage daughter's books or on her desk, you know that it is time to act and act quickly. It is time to tell them about heartache and the dangers of rushing into any kind of relationship other than the one we hold dear with our loving Father in heaven. One good piece of ammunition we have is the ability to control whom they interact with online. Rather than block the computer from chat sites altogether, show them the Christian caf_, login and then show your children which chat rooms you are com comfortable with. Make sure that they understand the dangers inherent with any chat room. Do they believe the image provided on a profile or the image they have developed in their head to be the absolute truth of who the other person is? Do not just explain it to them, show them how they can be manipulated online and then pray that our children heed our advice. By the way, your internetforchristians christian-homeschool-software/christian-cafe-christianChristian Cafe login name can be an affirmation in itself. Many parents only allow children to chat online using the parents_ chat room membership. If your teenage children have to type the login, "Jesus Loves Me" or other such login name every time they want to chat, the message will sink in on a subliminal frequency. Give them a message of love. Speaking of affirmations, it is always a good idea to expose your family to internetforchristians wise-quotes-funny-life-quotes-christian-quotesfunny life quotes and sayings that have humor and convey a truth or Christian ethic are invaluable. The more of these kinds of positive affirmations we can provide, the better off our children will be. Too many families allow their children to go out into the world everyday with little or no ammunition with which to fall back on. If we do not put good Christian values into their heads, they certainly will not pick them up on the streets. Funny life quotes, sayings, and images that convey the truth about our Christian lives is only one small way to get through to our children's subconscious. Family time spent in worship is the best.
Ken Cunningham is an MBA graduate, an active Christian, and one of the writers for the Internet for Christians website.

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