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One Night (2

One Night

By Estella - Aug 18, 2008 - From erotic-stories- women. Stories for women - Views - 55296 I was never one of the most beautiful girls in school, in fact I was painfully normal.
But I'd always liked this man, Ismiel Hernandez. A man of few words, but boy that man could make a womans heart pound, his eyes were so smokey and he could promise a woman lots of things.
Unfortunantly for me, he never gave me a single glance and only talked to me in friend terms.
One night changed that.
His younger brother, and my best friends boyfriend Mike had a party at his house and invited all of us.
It became aparent that the party was a bust and it was crammed with alot of people. so I left to the upper parts of the house and soon I was in the attic.
I was snooping around when the door busted open and Ismiel walked in.
He was swaying and hicuping, but I felt myself become drawn to him like a moth to light.
He was beautiful.
He wore no shirt and I could clearly see the pack he had worked on all through high school.
I was wet before he had even touched or looked at me.
"What are you doing in my room?" He asked eyeing me.
I stuttered my apology and was about to run out when He grabbed me.
"What are you doing, Ismiel?" I asked as I felt his hands slide down my sides, and back up, before he grabbed my breasts, squeezing them a little.
He groaned and slammed the door shut, locked it then jumped me.
I was on the ground my shirt was off, thrown somewhere in a corner.
He was kissing me, licking my neck, sucking on my earlobe and fondling my breasts.
My breath was ragged, i wanted him. I felt that dull ache forming between my legs and i was old and wise enough to know what it meant.
He bent down and took my nipple in his extremly hot mouth.
I cried out and bucked against him.
My body was on fire, I wanted to feel every inch of him and he was ultimately touchable.
I ran my hands over his abdomen, sucking on his neck and kissing his shoulder.
He let me go and laid down, pulling me on top of him.
I bent down staring into his hooded gaze, keeping eye contact I stuck out my tongue and licked his nipple before kissing it, then sucking on it.
Ismiel smiled at me and I reached up, cupping both ahdns around each breast. I moaned closing my eyes and letting my head fall back.
I begun to press myself against his hard stomach rubbing my wet pussy against his muscles.
He flipped us over and pulled my pants off, then my underwear. He pushed my legs open, I felt his satin hair rub against my thigh, the I felt his mouth against me.
He darted his tongue in, lapped sucked and kissed me, until the friction he was causing was unbearable, and I felt the hot liquid burst like a baloon.
He wrapped my legs around his torso, leaned over positioning himself.
The tip of his penis was between my lips and slowly entering me, he knew I was a virgin, but it didn't mean he had to go so slow, then I felt it.
That siring pain, it erupted throught my body, i tensed waiting for it to stop, tears pooling the falling down my cheeks.
He held still, whispering his apology.
We held our stance for a minute or two before he shifted a little, and there it was.
Pleasure making me cry out in the most suductive manner.
I moaned and bucked against him.
He was pounding into me, pushing, shoving and it felt so good.
I was in hevan, havinghim there was magnificent, the way our bodies seemed to fit one another.
Then the pressure built up again, he reached between us rubbing me making me feel even more pressure then BOOM.
I saw stars for a couple seconds, i was tired, my heart was beating very fast.
Ismiel smiled the rolled off of me. He picked me up threw me on the bed and made love to me several more times that night.
Its been over 9 years since that night, i was ashamed of what I'd done and moved away to spend the last years of high school with my mother in texas.
9 months after that scandle I had a baby girl, she has his eyes, and he will never, ever know about her.

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