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Online Sex Tips: What You Need to Know about Hooking Up Online by Jack Strawman

Hooking up for sex, dating or anything else you might be looking for, has come a long way in the last few years. We can certainly thank the Internet for this. No longer are we forced to carouse the streets and bars in the wee hours of the morning, hoping to find someone else interested in hooking up. Nor are we restricted in finding a sex partner from within our current circle of acquaintances. Now we can stay connected with friends, browse profiles, pictures and videos of eligible candidates, and chat live with all kinds of interesting people, from the comfort, safety, and convenience of our own home. Online, chat, dating and hook up sites will never entirely replace going out, but they can certainly be a very useful and exciting supplement to whatever else you're now doing. Nowadays, more and more people are realizing that its a lot easier to approach other singles, couples, or anybody for that matter, online than it is in person. People can set their inhibitions aside, and get to the point of what really matters. They can bypass all the silly games and awkward introductions, and find out immediately if the other person is available, what they're looking for, and if they're interested in the likes of them. If you're really ambitious, you can even find out what your chances are of hooking up with this person. For us guys, there's nothing more frustrating or annoying then investing the last few hours of our night, time that could have been spent on someone else, flirting with some girl who has no intention of taking it any further. Either way, if you're hooking up with a someone at a bar, or with someone online, there are a number of important tips you should know. People are not always as they seem. No matter how cute these people may look, or how hot their profile pictures and videos are. You always need to use common sense. A friend of mine once took an extremely attractive young woman home from the bar, and then engaged in unprotected sex. When I found out, I scolded him for his stupid and reckless behaviour. His response was something like: "But she was way too pretty to have any disease." How ridiculous. If anything, it's probably the exact opposite. Engaging in sexual activities, be it with one partner or many, can be extremely fun and rewarding, so long as you use precautionary measures. Nowadays, condoms are an absolute must. And whatever you do, don't simply count on the person to have them. Dangerous sexual practices, however, are not only thing you need to be concerned about. Going home with someone you just met, especially for women, can be a very foolish thing to do. That's why friends should accompany friends who are hooking up, instead of giving them an ultimatum and then ditching them. If a female friend of yours is hooking up with some guy she just met, and she will not be convinced otherwise, it would be better to go along then to say good-bye. Having to get up early the next morning is no excuse to leave one of your friends at the mercy of some stranger. Besides, maybe he can invite along one of his cute buddies. Casual encounters are often more exciting in numbers. As for hooking up online, never plan a rendezvous somewhere private or secluded. First face-to-face encounters should always take place somewhere public. If the first actual meeting does become intimate, and somewhere less public is eventually needed, always bring a cell phone along. Better yet, invite a friend to come along and wait for you in the next room. This might seem sleazy, but it doesn't have to be. I would certainly do this for one of my female friends, if she was set at hooking up with a guy she just met online. Besides, having someone in the next room can actually make things more exciting. Regardless of what you decide, and what turns you on (or doesn't), sex doesn't have to be something done in secret. Letting your friends know what you're planning, and even inviting them along, can be a very intelligent decision. Many dangers continue to lurk and thrive in the shadows, preying on ignorance, fear, and pride. Sex is not something dirty, and its not something that needs to be hidden and done in secret. Don't ever be ashamed or embarrassed to embrace your sexual identity. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be fulfilled. Hooking up for sex, for dating, or whatever you're looking for, can be some of the most fun you'll ever have. I know some of my own fondest memories are of the sexual sort. Besides, sex shouldn't only be something that people in serious relationships are enjoying. Why should they have all the fun? Everybody deserves some sexual excitement in their lives. So go online, and set your inhibitions aside. Life is too short to deny yourself. You might just surprise yourself with what you were missing.
About the Author Jack Strawman is the part owner of ustillup Late Night Chat and Dating and Gotnoplans, a social networking site for people who are gotnoplans lonely and have no plans.

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