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War On Wardrobes

War On Wardrobes

Question: How do you wear your ethics on your sleeve when your clothes and lifestyle go together like canal boats and high-heels? Ask The Busting Diva! The company which promises to take you shopping, recycle your old clothes and re-fit those almost perfect items you cant bear to part with. Busting Diva gives a new meaning to trash glamour through clothes-swapping parties and a preference for consignment shops. Their Mission Impossible is to revamp ethical fashion and keep it away from its baggy, boring, brown image. Their style consultations, wardrobe edits and re-styling of old clothes prepare unused clothes for consignment or charity, but are a million miles away from a worthy chore. So Get Ethical set them a challenge. Enter Jenni Doggett who swore she was going to have to go out naked if I dont get a wardrobe lobotomy!?. How would The Busting Diva transform the girl who defined her look as scruffy chic meets sporty hooker?? The Closet Monster Daniele Hromek, founder of The Busting Diva, strode into Jennis world on a sunny weekend in July. Her confidence was slightly interrupted when her high heels instantly sunk into the jetty. Jenni lives on a canal boat, so high-heeled, high-maintenance fashion is impractical and uncom comfortable. Remember we said it was a challenge! Jennis canal boat is a beautiful, old-fashioned retreat from London life. But moored in a city marine, overlooked by high-rise flats, it causes some serious fashion problems. Her jeans and flip-flops were perfect for both the boat and her relaxed work environment, but she was keen to express the wilder side of her style. Oh, and just to make things trickier buying a whole new wardrobe was definitely off-limits as Jenni was broke for the foreseeable future?, and had a limited-living space. But a Diva doesnt let such small complications get in the way of glamour. Instead, Daniele just flicked her hair and got down to a sartorial grilling. The interrogation was geared exactly towards what Jenni wished from her clothes and the image she desired to portray. Daniele explained that while Jennis work environment was casual, dressing down in the office could hold back her career. Instead she suggested Jenni keep her jeans, as they made her com comfortable, but work around them to create a more finished look. And her most important tip was to spend most of your money where you spend most of your time?. A self-confessed second-hand junkie, Daniele suggested Jenni visited vintage and consignment shops for those infrequent occasions when she needed particularly smart clothes. War on Wardrobes More questions followed until Daniele pointed out there were three aspects to consider when buying clothes; colours, body shape and your style personality. She announced to Jennis mock mortification that hidden under her jeans and flip-flops Jennis style was very feminine, almost girly. Once acceptance had kicked in she advised her on how to wear the clothes she loved, but found difficult to put together. If you dont feel com comfortable then its because youre not wearing clothes that reflect your style personality?, she told us. She also advised Jenni to get awkward heels cut down to achieve the look she wanted without the discomfort. Bargains, she assured us, are not about just cost, but the price compared to the amount you wear it. Investing in clothes or shoes you live in is a better idea then buying inexpensive, throwaway clothes. Accessories should be used to draw attention to your best features?, in Jennis case her lovely eyes and figure?. She then carefully went through each item, discussing their merits and which part of her they complemented. The final transformation came when Daniele put together an outfit for Jenni, which was somewhere between scruffy and overdressed. A pretty, lacy top with a denim skirt, her leather belt and matching shoes were perfect for the sunny weather - in fact not a sporty hooker in site! Busting Diva 1 Get Ethical 0 Ok, ok! I admit it The Busting Diva rose to our challenge! Jenni looked gorgeous, and very confident. Now she knows what suits her shell finally be able to put back those would-be-perfect-if-only-it-was-a-different-colour-and-I-was-Kate-Moss items of clothing masquerading as bargains! And even her weakness for flip-flops was brought under control as she considered less casual alternatives. At the end of the day Daniele glided off into the sunset (with just one more trapped-heel incident) like a fashionable fairy godmother and Jenni waved goodbye after her amazing recycled Cinderella makeover. Suddenly I realised Id missed my own chance to grab some of the transforming magic for myself. Hey! Busting Diva come back!
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