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What Is The Difference Between Boyshorts And A G-String?

What Is The Difference Between Boyshorts And A G-String?

Boyshorts, or also commonly called, boylegs, your boyfriend's underwear, girl briefs, or however else you choose to refer to them, are extremely different in appearance to a G-string. A lot of men, when shopping for women, and women when shopping for themselves, know the type of undergarments they are looking for but really have no idea what they are called. A G-string, is an even skimpier version of the thong. It has a narrow piece of fabric in the front that is simply held in place by a string of fabric, ribbon, lace, etc that goes around the hips and passes between the buttocks. This can be very sexy but also very useful at the same time, since they are often worn under a skirt or something tight so they reveal no panty lines. It virtually gives the illusion that there is nothing under the fabric and women know that there is nothing that can ruin a great skirt faster than those lines cutting you across the bottom. Boyshorts have become incredibly popular with women because they are com comfortable, fun, flirty and any body type can look great in them. They are a type of undergarment that generally sits very low at the hips, covers the entire buttocks area but does not reveal any panty lines because they are cut across under the bottom of the cheek. They resemble a pair of boxer briefs that men wear, only with a feminine twist. These are the newest thing in the lingerie world and women love them. They stay put and do not ride up under clothes, whether it is work clothes or gym clothes. They are com comfortable enough to wear all day and then come home and lounge in all evening. Boyshorts come in endless possibilities of fabrics and patters and they are a welcomed addition to the panty option for women.
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